Register Your Lolita Glassware and Win

Thank you for purchasing one of my Lolita hand-painted designs. Register your glass for a chance to win a special gift! For complete rules click here.

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Past Winners
April 2017: Kim C.
May 2017: Gloria K.
June 2017: Norma J.
July 2017: Missy M.
August 2017: Joyce D
Sept 2017: Janice F
Oct 2017: Jeri C
Nov 2017: Elisa P
Dec 2017: Marie C
Jan 2018: Rachel H
Feb 2018: Kim R
Mar 2018: Laureli M
April 2018: Kerry-Anne P.
May 2018: Darci P.
June 2018: Kathy S.
July 2018: Mandie M.
Aug 2018: Maureen O.
Sept 2018: Kimberly O.
Oct 2018: Lucy W.
Nov 2018: Esperanza S.
Dec 2018: Amanda D.
Jan 2019: Katie F.
Feb 2019: Jenifer F.
March 2019: Stacey P.
April 2019: Edith M.