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Which Cocktail Glass Are You?

July 27, 2023

Which Cocktail Glass Are You

When I started my business in 2001, the first designs I created were my martini glasses.

The idea came to me at a now famous Girl’s Night Out. Let’s set the scene - Sex and the City was at the height of its popularity, Destiny’s Child was at the top of the charts, and nothing was more fashionable than a bedazzled Juicy Couture track suit!

As my girlfriends and I all began ordering our first round of drinks, I noticed something. My friend who wore Lilly Pulitzer almost every day chose the Palmtini; my chocaholic friend ordered the Chocolate Martini... well, I think you get the drift. I of course picked The Cosmopolitan. My “lightbulb” moment happened when my drink arrived. Wouldn’t it be fun if this glass had a unique pattern inspired by the cocktail? The artist in me thought. You could put a recipe on the bottom too! My inner marketer added. And the rest? Well, that’s history and too many designs to name in one post!

Now, nearly twenty years later, I’ve decided to revisit my original inspiration. My Love My Cocktail Collection hits shelves early August and is inspired by each drink’s unique (and delicious!) recipe. Inspired by my amazing girlfriends on that first night out, I’ve created a guide to help you NAIL the perfect glass for your personality!

Manhatten Cocktail Glass

Do you LOVE the sound of the city? The click of heels on sidewalks. Workers buzzing on the scaffolding above. Horns honking. People waiting for the signal to cross the street. Do you love the feeling of being in a crowd and cocktails on a softly lit rooftop? You probably have big dreams and want to take it all on. You love the city lights at night, and shine in a busy, bustling environment. If you have the city in your heart, then my Manhattan glass is perfect for you!

Aperol Spritz Cocktail Glass
Your life dream might just be becoming a travel blogger. You love exploring new places, warm summer days on the beach and basking in the beauty all around you. You're always keeping an eye on trends and are on top of all the latest fashion. When it comes to cocktails, you prefer something light and refreshing. You have places to be after all! If you’re a travel bug with a taste for fashion, then my Aperol Spritz glass is made for you!

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Glass
A girl of her own mind, after her dreams and desires. You LOVE shopping (especially for shoes!) and have an appreciation for fine clothing. You prefer to dress for yourself rather than the trends and are a bit of a risk taker. Pink may just be your favorite color and Elle Woods your inspiration. If you’re an ambitious dreamer ready to reach your goals and do it fashionably, my Cosmopolitan glass was meant for you!

Lemon Drop Cocktail Glass
A true classic and a bit preppy. You love entertaining in your home and take a lot of pride in your surroundings. You probably have a traditional design aesthetic and enjoy a good garden party. Planning an event brings you as much joy as does the party itself! If you've been described as an “old soul” and prefer a party planned two weeks in advance, then you’re definitely my Lemon Drop glass!

Lemon Drop Cocktail Glass
A total extrovert, and just as comfy in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt as you are in a cocktail dress. You like to relax and know how to have a good time. You love going out, whether it’s small and chic bar or local joint…you don’t care as long as they can make a good drink! When it comes to other’s perceptions of you – well you couldn’t care less, and rightly so! A truly reliable and trustworthy friend, my Appletini glass is your perfect match!

Appletini Cocktail Glass
You love romance, regardless of if you are single or have a special significant other. You adore flirting, it’s part of your mystique. You don’t go out of the house without a little lipstick on and a good romance book in tow. It’s just who you are. You like easy to make cocktails and keep the ingredients handy in case of visitors. (Oh, who are you kidding? Go ahead and shake one up, girl!) If you’re a true romantic at heart, then my Flirtini glass is perfect for you!

Flirtini Cocktail Glass
You’re the life of the party. A total people person, you find it easy to make new friends. Your calendar is over the top booked, but you don’t mind. Running on coffee and always bustling from one place to another (people probably harp on you to drink more water!). You love art and music. Despite your busy schedule you’re still an ambivert at heart and love nesting and sitting by a fire to recharge. If this sounds like you, then you’re definitely my Espresso Martini glass!

Espresso Martini Cocktail Glass
You’re soft and sweet, but no pushover! You have a few close friends and are incredibly devoted to them. Beautiful inside and out, you love to nurture your home environment and prefer entertaining guests around a bar cart. A true “girly-girl” you adore dressing up and decorating your space with traditionally feminine colors and themes. If you can’t help but bury your nose in a bouquet of flowers, then you’re most certainly my Vodka Rose Punch glass!

Vodka Rose Punch Cocktail Glass
Unlike most people, you don’t mind change or trying new things. You tend to be adventurous and dive headfirst into new experiences. You love the thrill of a roller coaster or a terrifying new horror movie. Despite your adventure seeking, you have a love for the classics. Black and white movies, old records and heirloom antiques might be some of your favorite things. If this sounds like you, you might be my Negroni glass!

Negron Cocktail Glass
You are a TOTAL tropical nut. You love Caribbean vacays and are unabashedly in love with anything coconut. You would happily stay in your bathing suit all day and even through dinner at a resort with a cover up. You love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and the taste of salt water in the air. You’re almost always working on your tan and planning your next get-away. Sound like you? You’re definitely my Shaken Pina Colada glass!

Shaken Pina Colada Cocktail Glass
Did you find a cocktail that suits your personality? You may have found more than one! I’m so happy that I can finally share these glasses with you all and announce that they’re in stock! I know it’s been a lot of waiting, but I hope you enjoyed all of my recipes. I can’t wait to see all the lovely place settings you make with these new glasses!

Lots of love,
        -  Lolita