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Rules for the Thanksgiving Host/Hostess, With Love from Lolita

November 16, 2022

Enesco Floral

Getting serve-ready is a breeze if you plan ahead with some of my secret tips and tricks!  

Prep like you are having a Hurricane Party!  You know it’s headed your way, so let’s get prepared! 

General Tips:

  • Set your table(s) up early! Now would be a good time! I’m working on mine now!!!.... especially if you can come up with a look that is good for Christmas, too, and just replace a few things (remove cornucopia, add Christmas centerpiece.)

Give each of your guests a different wine glass!  Nothing more frustrating than running around cleaning/replacing glassware!  DEFINITELY use your Lolita® glasses, even if not for the meal, before the meal, which is the most fun! Order them now based upon everyone’s personality!! Even MORE special if they get to take it home! (yes, there are designs the guys like, for instance, my beer glasses!) 

Beer Glass
  • Chef’s wine must be fiercely protected!!! Have your own bottle lol.
  • Choose menu, make ahead what you can freeze or prepare that will store well.
  • Pick out your serveware and utensils for each, based upon the menu and label with post it notes! A MUST!!
  • Invite your guests to bring an appetizer. It’s so fun to experience the love and creativity your guests will show off!  Have the quintessential CHARCUTERIE BOARD ready…see below for specifics.
  • Don’t sweat the menu trying to please everyone, they will find and or discover what they like, I promise. It is a treat for all!
  • Stock up on paper products so you don’t run out of P.T. and T.P.
  • Clean and mop the day before, allowing you to just wipe up spills or sweep quickly during the day.
  • Remove all of the unnecessary items in your refrigerator and put in a cooler outside! A MUST to easily keep your refrigerator strictly for thanksgiving! If you need something, it will be in easy reach! It’s refreshing to have an empty fridge when starting the day!
  • You can also store beer and white wine outside if the temp is cool enough…
  • Don’t shy away from some store made short cuts. I prep as much as humanly possible, and my honest preference is can-berry sauce. You know, the kind that slides out of the can with the ridges on it.  I love that stuff!
  • Pick up some throw away to-go containers so guests can have the glorious turkey and stuffing Sammie at home and your prized storage containers can remain living at your house!
  • Make sure the utility bills are paid so there are no surprises (this happened to me a few times during a Holiday!)
  • Light lovely candles for ambiance!
  • Make sure the game is on, or more specifically, “a game that has your guests interested”.
  • Have a playlist already done on your music streaming apps, have your Bluetooth speaker ready to connect…doesn’t hurt to test.
  • If you are using your silver, polish now!!! If just stainless, look for spots!


Serveware playlist

Cleaning Tip:  Just like I plan for a weather event and ensure the laundry is done and the car filled with gas, I start the morning with an empty dishwasher and wash as I go.  Pots and pans dry fast on a warm stove.

Charcuterie Board:  Why is this pivotal??? Because it is sooo easy and such a crowd pleasure! You can slice cheese, clean fruit, set up board on counter with post its where what goes on it as a reminder. This can be done WAYYY ahead of time, saving different items in ziplocs (regular sandwich bags don’t seal totally sometimes, I hate when cheese, especially, tastes like the fridge) in the fridge up to a few days prior. When serving, let cheese stay at room temperature an hour before guests arrive.  Keep extras in fridge, replenish during the day to keep everything looking fresh.

Tips to make your personal time easier:

If you pull these things together before the guests arrive, your life will be sooo much easier and you will look gorgeous, too!

  • A few Outfits chosen for the day, one dressy, one casual with comfy shoes! A must for the chef!!!  (And don’t forget the accessories!) Have each outfit hung in your closet at eye view. I go as far as putting the necklace, earrings on the hangar. I know, sounds crazy but it is an awesome thing being able to change clothes if needed after all the cooking, or everyone shows up in their sweats and you have a dress on, forget that!!!
  • Makeup bag stashed-do this the day before, include everything you normally use. How many of you had to run to your room a few times during this busy day? So much easier if you don’t have to rummage for makeup!
  • Shower and do your hair the day before, you’ll survive one day! (some people don’t really think about that)
Cheese tray

Tips to handle Helicopter Guests:

  • Nothing worse than having guests hover around you while you are attempting to cook!  (even if family, they can still annoy, lol)
  • Make sure you have a few appetizers out and away from the kitchen
  • Have a drink station away from the kitchen for wine, basic bar stocked, with glasses and accessories including ice bucket so guests don’t keep coming into the kitchen for refills!
  • Lay out a beautiful puzzle to assemble, turn on a funny movie, or a sports program for the fans. This will distract hovering guests of all ages!
  • If kids are there, which is most of you, think through the kids’ table and have special snacks/juice boxes/water for them on the kids table before dinner. And, who said thanksgiving has to be super healthy? It’s the one day of the year we can pig out, literally, lol.

Let the party begin!  Whip up a crowd-pleasing mocktail and a cocktail in advance and ta-da! The bartender is on autopilot!

Non-alcoholic Hurricane Punch

Hurricane Punch - Paula Deen Magazine

For the Adults with a little sweet tooth, offer a fall themed cocktail…

Caramel Apple Sangria

Caramel Apple Sangria - The Wholesome Dish

Enjoy the day with those you hold dear!  

From my house to yours, Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love, Lolita