Mixology Monday: Dragonfly Summer

June 03, 2024

Designs by Lolita Dragonfly Glass

To see a Dragonfly gives me courage, strength, and happiness every time I see one. Additionally, because they are rarely seen, I love watching the dragonflies come to life on this glass.

I designed my best-selling Dragonfly Summer Hand-Painted Wine Glass based on my Rhode Island garden. When my girls were little and still playing outside a lot, I remember the slight breeze, cloudless blue sky and the delicate wildflowers in our backyard.

The dragonflies loved it there too! So, memories of my precious girls and this magical beauty became my inspiration.

Each glass features long delicate grasses bending in the breeze, precious pink blooms and dragonflies flitting about the place.

On the back of the glass, you’ll find a dandelion being blown by the breeze with its seeds taking flight. This aspect of the design is symbolic of my wish that all of you feel peaceful and relaxed like in a summer garden when you drink from this glass.

Designs by Lolita Recipe on the bottom of glass

Dragonfly Summer Recipe

  • 1oz Pomegranate Liquor
  • 1oz Champagne
  • Fill with Pinot Grigio
  • Orange Slice to Garnish

Let’s raise a glass to warm summer afternoons! May they be spent with the best of friends and the sweetest of wines. Add my Dragonfly Summer design to your collection today!

Not a stemmed glass lover? You can also shop my Dragonfly Summer design as a stemless wine glass! Cheers!