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Lolita’s Tips for a Less Stressed Holiday!

December 20, 2022

Christmas at Lolita's

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I always enjoy decorating my home for Christmas, and of course, having people over for holiday cocktails. But as a single gal and having just moved in as well as a Christmas road-trip, I didn’t put up a tree this year. Instead, I am focusing on what I call holiday vignettes: space savers that are as practical as they are fun. Whether you are living in a small apartment or in a large home, these ideas are for anyone that is time crunched yet still wants some festive and gorgeous cheer! Also, these items make fantastic gifts, except maybe the bar cart, haha. I have included links directly to the items!

Christmas Wine Glasses

Champagne Service

There’s nothing like a beautiful champagne service/vignette “ready to go” and sparkling, close to the entrance of your home. One of my many tips for a seamless and less stressful holiday season! Takes the pressure off from having to mix drinks to order; wine can get heavy especially if you are cooking and will be serving a Cab at dinner….and not many people DON’T like champagne!

I keep fresh cranberries (I do steam the cranberries ahead) and pomegranate seeds, which are expensive (but full of healthful things, plus beautiful) in fridge along with cold Prosecco and Champagne. I keep glassware clean, and set up on my sideboard with a nice ice bucket, too, along with a pretty candle and tray. You should replenish clean glassware and the ice bucket in between uses so your display always adds the perfect Christmas decor even in the smallest of spaces! Save your Veuve for Christmas Eve or New Year’s, as there are beautiful Prosecco’s and Champagnes worthy to stock up on that are still refined and easy on an overwhelmed holiday partying palette!

Here, I have rimmed the glasses with special rimming sugar and am adding splashes of juice to the Champagne (organic, unsweetened) for a little color, along with cranberries.

Gold Tray Recommendations

Gold tray recommendations (you want to go a bit fancier on your tray). Remember, this is a great gift!!!

Candle Tips

My candle trick is to put a smaller candle in a larger votive/vase and fill the sides with cranberries. Inexpensive and so classy. And did you know cranberries don’t mold at room temperature for over a month? Some tree fronds or rosemary sprigs complete this elegant look.
 Candle Tips

Ice Buckets

They are totally underrated. I forgot to put my white wine for tonight in the refrigerator…so what did I decide to do, when I was in the mood for a late afternoon glass of wine? Grab an ice bucket. I could be on the patio, in my room, with a friend coming over, kids wanting their juice, hubby wants his whiskey on the rocks, etc.… lots of practical uses for having ice handy wherever you or the fam are in your home! Especially over the holidays.

No need to spend a fortune and having a variety of ice buckets give you options…especially when a party happens! I love my crystal ice bucket that I got as a wedding gift (before I got divorced, lol!). I may use that one during the holidays, but really enjoy the ones I have. Head to #homegoods, #tuesdaymorning, any department store, they don’t sell in big numbers because people think they are not practical… but let’s change that. Put ice no matter where you are, even if it’s with the kids or for your favorite on the rocks person… and DO use the ice in an ice bucket from your fridge!! The germs are from your mouth, not the ice bucket lol.

Here are a few that I would recommend, from the less expensive to splurge:


Trays are perhaps the MOST underrated or referenced item in a person’s entertaining arsenal! I, for one, have a few that I use constantly. What do I like about them…let me count the ways! I use them for centerpieces, clutter, when someone is sick, a quick Holiday Appetizer set up, Holds many useful things as needed (for instance, I bought my bar cart and used it to hold all of the nuts and bolts for putting it together….I think you get the picture!

I have two of these trays, I am using them right now, one for my wrapping necessities and the other is a turquoise dream in my formal living room. I HAVE 2 of these trays I use them so much!!

Buy it yourself here! 

Bar Trays

Bar Cart
If you are lucky enough to have a bar cart in your home, you already know why they are so popular. They can be practical and stunning at the same time. I finally bit the bullet and invested in one, but it was surprisingly inexpensive. A little hassle to put together, but well worth it…a furniture item you can use and style all year around!

The key to a functional bar cart is always keeping a basic structure year-round. But think SIMPLE.

Here is mine (it is only available in silver right now). Here is a similar one (available in gold).

Bar Carts

These items can be switched up, around or removed depending upon the occasion, and you can roll the cart to any area of your home, but once styled and not in use, it is gorgeous. Here is mine for the Holidays. Again, no tree but suddenly, the cart is THE focus for my holiday décor. Here are the necessities that should always be on your cart:

  • Ice Bucket
  • Lolita Wine Glasses!!! Shop my in-stock holidays
  • Complimentary glassware in a rocks and champagne
  • Shaker
  • Bar tools (can run the gamut, but basics include a wine opener, church key (beer cap opener) and for looks maybe a strainer….you get the drift. Here’s one I’ve used!
  • Liquors/Wine/Mixers: your favorites, anything goes! I keep Tito’s, Casamigos Tequila, Aperol, Gin, Rum, Veuve champagne, and a red/white wine. A few mixers are fine but I usually only put out when guests are coming.
  • Cocktail napkins
  • A nice Cocktail Recipe Book

When guests are coming:

Put out your mixers and garnishes! (Lemon/lime wedges, Club Soda, Tonic)

Add height on top with fresh flowers or as you see here, a taller décor item….

Then, you will need to put lemon and lime wedges and to “stock the bar cart” before guests arrive: ice in the ice bucket, a bottle of wine or champagne opened and chilling...etc.

Bart Cart and Accessories

So, voila, you are armed with some key takeaways:  That Holiday décor need not be complicated! The opposite is true!  Less is more and spending the time with your family and friends, LOVE takes the center stage without sacrificing beauty. Plus, some links to very reasonable gift ideas!!!

From my house to yours, Cheers and Happy Holidays!

With Love, Lolita