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“Kiss The Miss Goodbye!”

June 07, 2023

Bride to Be

Cheers to the bride! Now that she’s engaged it’s time to start planning the most important night of all – her Bachelorette of course! It’s going to be her last single night out so it should definitely be a little naughty, and oh so daring if the truth be told (no secrets tonight!!) Time to live it up!

Who should host? Maid of honor usually, but the bridesmaids can pitch in on the planning too! Traditionally, this a “go dutch” evening for all except the bride to be. Bridesmaids are typically meant to chip in for this special event!

First things first, there are only 3 requirements when it comes to planning: girly, blingy and FUN!! Aside from that, here are some things to keep in mind.....

Bride to Be Blog

DRIVING IS NOT AN OPTION. Don’t go there. Ensure your bride and the rest of the gals get to the venues and back safely! UBER it, or better yet, hire a limo!!  Get a quote and have the bachelorette party chip in for the cost! Check to see if alcohol is allowed (some states will allow it, some don’t). Not only is this the safest option for a “last night out”, but it's also posh and will make everyone feel extra glam.

NO MEN ALLOWED. I’m seeing more and more husbands and boyfriends as part of this rite of passage. But truthfully, there is nothing more special than allowing the bride to celebrate ending singlehood with just her girls. So that means kicking the groom (and any bridesmaid’s boyfriend) to the curb for the night!

MOMS…. Stay home!!!! This is not your party! LOL…Anyone in the extended family, should not be invited. Traditionally you would stick strictly to the Bridal party. That being said, it's whoever the bride truly wants there to celebrate with her!

MOST IMPORTANTLY. Your job as hostess all boils down to ensuring the bride feels celebrated and gets to experience her last single night out to the fullest! Focus on the bride tonight and be sure to send a memo to the guests: “Ladies, make sure you look after her!”

Flirtini Recipe


3oz Champagne
1 1/2oz Premium Vodka
1 1/2oz Pineapple Juice
Cherry Garnish

Don’t start the party at the venue – build excitement with the bride by getting ready together! Have a few appetizers, jam out to her favorite songs and enjoy a signature drink. You will look and feel marvelous!

As the hostess, make sure the Bride and rest of the bridal party have something to remember the night by! One of my cocktail glasses, like my Designs By Lolita® Flirtini Hand-Painted Cocktail glass, can be used to remember the night and can even help you choose the signature cocktail for the pre-game!

The FLIRTINI is wonderful on the palette and will totally get the Bride ready for a fabulous last single night out!! You can even reach out to your venue in advance and request this signature drink ahead of time. Most bars and restaurants will gladly make your own recipe.

Don’t leave the house without a little something extra! Add to the fun with some over-the-top accessories! The Bride-To-Be should have white accessories that indicate that she’s the bride. This can be a fun “mini veil” or a tiara…anything to let people know who the bride is!! I love the tiara idea as it is oh-so-blingy and fun!!!


Menu Ideas

Make sure when it comes to appetizers you have lots of protein to choose from! (And delectable sweets!) This is not only to soak up the extra alcohol you (maybe) shouldn’t have drunk, but to keep you all fueled for the night ahead! Keep in mind the menu is important, but anything goes as eating will not necessarily be high on the agenda. Your options should be quick and easy. Some ideas include cheesecake bites, charcuterie boards, chocolate covered strawberries, and chicken skewers.... just to name a few.

Now, on to the main event!

Cocktail Glass


Pick the bride’s favorite bar or restaurant and review the menu to be sure there is enough variety for everyone. If in the city, a fabulous rooftop environment with a restaurant would be perfect. It should be one with major atmosphere…sophisticated, modern, with an awesome bartender and staff.

Reserve a private room, or a larger corner table. A tapas restaurant is definitely a great choice here, and a very interesting way to go!! Have plans to go somewhere else after dinner, a South Beach style club, for instance. Most restaurants will approve of balloons, so pick your color palette and have a bridesmaid or two arrive at the venue ahead of time to set everything up! Make all your reservations, and you are almost set!


Keep the fun going with a game! You can prepare your own fantastic “Truth or Dare” game to play together – or you can use my prompts!


  • I never ________________.
  • My most embarrassing moment was________________.
  • I was my geekiest when_________________.
  • I am most emotional when_________________.
  • My pet peeve is_________________.
  • When I’m alone I_________________.
  • My biggest weakness is________________.
  • If I could come back into a next life, I would be a _________________.
  • My biggest celebrity crush is__________________.

  • Go hug a stranger.
  • Compliment the nearest guy.
  • Stand up on your chair.
  • Buy a guy a cocktail.
  • Start singing the Star-Spangled Banner.
  • Go up to someone and speak a foreign language.
  • Come out of the ladies' room with TP hanging from your dress.
  • Say “I’m Sorry” to a stranger (for what is to be decided).
  • Put lipstick on your teeth (yes, on purpose!).


The Playlist

Be sure to top the night off with some dancing or jamming to my playlist on the ride home. It will be a night to never forget!