Gingerbread Dreams Table Setting

December 28, 2023

Gingerbread Tablesetting

I love a good table setting, and this Christmas set up is SO fun, fabulous and festive! Not to mention elegant. Gingerbread men may not be your first thought when you're doing your holiday table, but my beautiful glasses are too cute not to use!!! They really remind me of baking cookies in the kitchen for the holidays, the smell of gingerbread is just SO Christmas to me! (Plus, they have the yummiest holiday recipe on the bottom!) You can even give your guest a matching ornament as the perfect little party favor! They’re so delicate and they come in the most fabulous packaging.

Gingerbread Dream Glasses

When you’re starting to build your table, the best place to start is with your colors. As an artist color is SO important to me. When you're doing a table setting, it's very important to pick one thing that is your base color. This could be the colors in nearby pictures or art on your walls. In my case, the art is my beautiful Gingerbread Dreams glass! So, for this particular table, I thought it would be really fun to try and match them. Our base is going to be a gingerbread color, and it will be complimented by red and green which can also be found in my glass design.

Gingerbread on plate

I’m going to start my setting with these lovely red placemats which are the first touch of one of our secondary colors. I love these little gingerbread men which add perfectly to our theme and tie in that bit of green with the gingerbread color. These napkins are SO cute too! Be sure not to forget your lighting when designing your table setting. For this table, I’ve added a little candle – which makes it just so festive! I LOVE how these patterns play off against each other too.

Your table setting doesn’t have to be expensive to look fabulous either! You get this whole look via Amazon! Which is just great. I do suggest getting your cranberries locally, they’re fairly inexpensive and makes it look so real! I’ve just filled my vase with a little water before adding the cranberries and poinsettias to give the cranberries their subtle floating effect.


Gingerbread Glass


Texture is just as important as color in a good table setting, it’s like that finishing touch! For this table setting, I added a burlap runner to be my texture. It also is my base color which nicely compliments the gingerbread men on my glasses! Now that I’ve got my finishing touch my table is set and the only left to do is get the wine! Cheers!!