BYOG for Your Halloween Costume!

August 22, 2023

Designs by Lolita Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming!! know you're thinking that it's only August but spooky season is almost here. To be totally honest, I’m not the first person you’d find in a costume. But did you know you can totally dress up without losing your fashion sense?? Think I’m crazy? Not so fast! I’m going to show you some fabulous ideas for dressing UP (fashionably) for Halloween this year. We all know about wine and food pairings. But have you ever considered pairing one of my glasses with your Halloween costume??

Check out my ideas below for some fabulous style ideas that pair oh so perfectly with my wine glasses!!! BYOG to any party!

The Little Mermaid

Designs by Lolita Mermaid Wine Glass

Who doesn’t love the Little Mermaid?! My Mermaid Hand-Painted Wine Glass is both a fantastic option for holding your drink as well as inspiration for what to wear! Obviously, blues are needed. Check out this adorable cute sparkly cocktail dress you can buy on Amazon!!! I love the flare it has. Don't forget to accessorize! These seashell earrings and necklace have gorgeous gold dipped edges. If you’re feeling up to wearing a wig, go for it (not something I’d do).

DON’T MISS this adorable crab purse that is just the perfect thing to keep your keys and phone in while you swim about the party.

Of course, who could skip the make-up. When it comes to eye make-up, you can go for some lovely shades of blue eyeshadow, but as the perfect finishing touch add a little tail fin to your eyeliner wing. FAB-U-LOUS! Your NAILS! Plan ahead to get a manicure from your favorite salon and ask for something ocean inspired. I think this iridescent look and glitter are just PERFECT for a Mermaid costume.


Workout Barbie

Workout Barbie

Oh this is such a fun era to dress up for! I love the vibrant colors and patterns. Animal print? Need I say more? LOVE! This look is so SO easy to buy online! Get some leg warmers, bright leggings. Maybe some iridescent running shorts??! If you’re feeling bold, go for that body suit look! Speaking of BOLD, the perfect glass for this costume is my Love Your Stripes Hand-Painted Wine Glass. The vibrant zebra stripes are the perfect color and pattern match!

Don’t forget the FANNY PACK!!! Bright and vibrant is the name of the night. Round off the look with some classic white sneakers.

Accessorize with earrings and vibrant sweatbands. Make up! Okay, this one can be SO MUCH fun!! Get some bright eye shadow colors (yellow, pink, blue) and then for your eyeliner. This is so NEAT! Turn it into a black lightning bolt to match those earrings!!! Speaking OF! Ask your nail artist to paint your nails in classic 80’s style with something like these leopard print nail designs!

The Evil Queen

Designs by Lolita Appletini Cocktail Glass

What about a classy and elegant costume? You said you were going to tell me how I could dress UP for Halloween. Say. No. More! Pair my Appletini Hand-Painted Cocktail Glass with this look inspired by the Evil Queen. Sport an elegant, deep purple gown (I LOVE this one with the draped sleeves and velvet) and a complimentary bright green handbag.

DON’T forget the CROWN! You’re an evil QUEEN after all!!! I love LOVE the look and shape of this one. So classy and just a little bit evil, right?! Finish off your elegant style with this set of bright green apple jewelry. I would totally wear this on a regular night out!

Final touches, grab some velvety purple lipstick. You need to keep that DRAMATIC look. Pick some purple eyeshadow and edge with GOLD (You are ROYALTY after all!!). For your nails, go BOLD with more of that green apple green or get a dark iridescent look.




Are you looking for a more chic and trendy style that would totally work to wear at the apple orchard? Scarecrows can be cute instead of scary!! My Autumn Bliss Hand-Painted Wine Glass is a fantastic pairing for a scarecrow with the gold and orange leaves. Find a cute little denim dress or something with plaid. Get a straw hat and these cute floral cowgirl boots!! Adorable.

DON’T MISS this super cute gold chain belt. I think it’s such a CUTE accent to the outfit. These boho chic earrings and necklace are a fabulous and subtle straw-like accent. Same with this bangle bracelet! I just LOVE the flowers on this straw purse as well!!!

To really sell this look, you need to go all in on the make-up. NO FEAR! Cute scarecrow is EASY!! You’ll need a little bit of face paint to pull this off (find your bestie if you need an artistic hand). The biggest part is the mouth lines and cute circles for your cheeks. You can find tutorials online for achieving the right look! Even though we’re all-in on the face makeup, don’t miss those nails!! Check out these adorable patchwork patterns you can request!

Queen of Hearts

Here comes THE QUEEN!! Green not up your alley? What girl can’t pull off a black and red look. Answer: any girl can!!! I found this fabulous dress on amazon. WHAT an amazing silhouette it gives. LOVE!! Paired with these red and black heels?? AND this ROSE handbag?!?!! I might sport this look myself… Obviously, my Red Hot Hand-Painted Wine Glass is THE glass to pair with the iconic queen. Covered in hearts and glittery bling.

Accessorize! This gorgeous necklace is such a good look for a dramatic queen who love HEARTS! Obviously, you need a crown too. This gold one is SO regal looking. Paired with these PLAYING CARD earrings?? I may have found a favorite look… But I’m getting ahead of myself!

For make-up, go with red and blacks with gold accents. For a unique lip style make the middle of your lips look like a heart. SO on theme! I suggest you ask for nails with hearts or red roses on them. These cute heart-tipped nails are subtle and adorable.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

THIS! Is my hands-down favorite look!!! I LOVE Marilyn Monroe and my Flirtini Hand-Painted Cocktail Glass is the perfect pairings for this costume. Overall, a simple look to achieve. Get this (or a similar) white cocktail dress and some pearl earrings. Look for classic, vintage-style white heels.

GET THIS lipstick purse to hold your phone and accessories. OMG! Such a great find!!

For make-up, you’ll need her iconic beauty spot. Just use some eyeliner, easy-peasy!! RED lipstick, of course! For nails color, red with black and white are what you’re looking for. A NEED is for there to be little lipsticks on them. Maybe some XOXO’s?? If you’re REALLY wanting to get the look, I suggest a blonde wig to style, but I would just use my natural hair.

There you have IT!!! My guide on how to dress UP for Halloween and BYOG to any party you attend!

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